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Fashion comes and goes, but Style lasts.  We have a love for Style and keeping up to date with the latest trends is a passion that comes naturally.  The heart of our business is to help women and men be the best version of themselves through their personal style.  And yes, it is so absolutely personal.  With our help and our knowledge and all the theory behind Style, we will help transform your Wardrobe and help you to confidently present yourself every day in the best way possible.

lizanne anderson

"The main objective of any personal styling experience is to discover the correct clothing styles, accessories, clothing colours, hair colour, make-up colours - the list goes on! - that best suit you.  With my love for Style and with the help of the results of your full Style and Colour Analayses, I am able to help you represent yourself in the best way possible.  The transformations and the added confidence I have witnessed in so many of my clients, is astounding. Whether you're considering a stylish outfit for an elegant night out, or a wardrobe to get you through the seasons, every style session revolves around what works for you and your specific Style Personality. (Did you know you have a very Specific Style Personality?!).  Take a look around my site and see in what area I can help you today. I am ready for to help you!"


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Find a pair that works for your style and your body shape. It must be that pair that you grab out of your cupboard when you want to feel comfortable the whole day.

- Make sure it sits snuggly and properly on your bum area (no hanging bums please!). The key to jean shopping is searching out styles that help better define your buttocks region 
- Try a style out of your box - mom styles, distressed jeans, high waisted, cropped leg, etc
- The waistband should be snug. If 2 fingers fits down the back then you’re good to go. If you can’t squeeze any fingers in, then the jeans’ waistband is too tight.
- Find a brand that works for you (it’s out there!).
- If you have long legs, rather opt for mid-rise jeans. If you have short legs, high rise will look really great on you. If you have long legs and really want to try out high rise jeans, opt for flat shoes (the inverse applies to shorter leg ladies).
- Don’t fret the size. I sometimes vary slightly from store to store. When ordering online, rather go according to your measurements and their sizing chart.

Styling:  Lizanne Anderson  .   Photography: Lizanne Anderson              

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What an exhilarating afternoon and what a rush - in more ways than one! 📷 I’ve never changed so many different outfits so quickly! (I ran into the street at one stage with my shirt the wrong way round!) 😂

Loved every minute of the shoot - didn’t even notice the freezing cold!

What an incredible setting too 🏭 May I just say, we have a beautiful city! Thank you @suna1suna1 and Margaret - your work is incredible from beginning to end! 📷🖤

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HELLOBEAUTIFUL_IMAGEANDSTYLE.    Styling: Lizanne Anderon.   Photography: Suna Roberts

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