With the Colour Analysis I will determine a very unique colour range that best suits your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.  All these aforementioned factors, plus certain    others, determine what specific Colour Flow you will fall into.  There are 12 different 

colour flows with a full range of +- 45-50 different, very specific colours each. You will end the consultation with a full digital board of your own very specific colours. 

The assessment is done by means of an interesting and fun colour draping process. 

With your results you will know:

*  what colours make-up suit you best;

*  which prints & patterns you should         

   stick to;

*  which hair colours exactly your should 


*  how to wear black; 

*  which colour frames you should opt for  

    when choosing reading- or sun glasses;

*  what types of material in jewellery you 

    should wear;

...and many more interesting facts.

    1 HOUR

style    analysis
    With the Style and Shape Analysis we      determine your Style Personality.  Up                  to three different Style Personalities              could be identified.  We will also                perform a body assessment,                  determining your body shape, face               shape, body segments, bone structure and neck length.  All these will give you the know-how as to what clothing styles exactly suit you, which patterns, textures of clothing, types of shoes, and the list goes on.  This process will give you all the confidence you need when you style your next outfit or buy that next new item of clothing.
2 hours
2 hours
wardrobe assessment 
& detox

Once you have had your Colour and 

Style Analyses completed, this is a great 

way to assess your current wardrobe 

and make way for new outfits and 

garments.  This will also assist me in 

determining your unique style 

preferences, as well as see what items possibly are in your wardrobe that are 

currently usable or, on the other hand, could be done away with (as per your Colour and Style Analyses results).  We will throw out some unnecessary items too and clean up your wardrobe to make way for new items. During the wardrobe assessment, I will also determine what items of clothing could be placed at the top of your list for your Personal Shopping session, as well as determine which wardrobe 'staples' are needed.

1.5 hours

With all the results from the Colour, Style             & Shape Analyses, we will go shopping  

(together, in stores, or online). I will determine beforehand which stores suit 

your Style (as determined through your 

Style, Colour and Shape Analyses).  

Your way of shopping for  clothing, 

shoes and accessories will be 

transformed!  I aim to maximize our time 

spent together in the shops (or my time spent online shopping) and will discuss your budgetary constraints beforehand, as well as carefully keep track of the expenditure of your budget as we shop. I always do my best to get the best value for your money!



(on site)

This is a fun way to end off the shopping 

session and I would say, is the cherry 

on the cake! This process has been so 

helpful for so many clients (if not all). 

 Many struggle to incorporate all their 

newly purchased clothing, shoes and accessories into their existing wardrobe and to apply their new found Style and Colour knowledge.  This is a great way to put all your new knowledge into practice and WITH ME! During this process, I will help make this transition easy and fun and will give you ideas on how to incorporate all the newly purchased items in various ways into your wardrobe (i.e. more than one way to wear one item).I will lay out ideas and will mix-and-match many stylish outfits (with shoes, clothing and accessories) so as to optimize your whole wardrobe, whilst keeping to your Style and Colour Analyses results.


seasonal staple wardrobe

    This is a brand new package that I offer! A great way to combine your online shopping session (charged separately to this service) with a Seasonal Staple Wardrobe. I will put together a PDF document, including illustrations of all items that are in fashion for that specific upcoming Season and will then in the Online Shop, incorporate these items into your wardrobe. This is another great way to put all your new Style and Colour knowledge into practice and the process is very helpful to incorporate the newly purchased items into your wardrobe and at the same time, to know what is in fashion at the time. In the PDF I will provide illustrations of complete outfits put together with these Seasonal Staple Wardrobe items in order to help you put them together in stylish, cohesive outfits.

3 hourS
make-up essentials  workshop


Make-up is a fundamental part of 

your makeover and knowing how to apply your make-up will boost your confidence and self-esteem (daily!). 

If you look good and you feel 

confident about yourself, it reflects 

in your lifestyle and attitude. In 

the make-up workshop you will learn:

* the use of the correct tools (make-up brushes and application); 

* all the steps in applying your make-up from beginning to end; 

* eyeshadow colour recommendations for your colour eyes; 

* product recommendations; 

* how to conceal certain facial concerns; 

* and how to shape and colour your brows. 




This is the same principle as the "Wardrobe Revamp (On Sight)", however, it's all done online and I won't come in to see your actual wardrobe. This is just as effective, however, with the added bonus that you'll end up with a full Wardrobe Revamp manual put together by myself.

I will request clear pictures of your 30 most favourite items in your wardrobe (incl. skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, shoes and accessories) and I will graphically lay out 30 different stylish outfits for you. One page will be dedicated to each of these 30 outfits where I will provide you with an example of a stylish outfit that I know will suit your Style and Colour and I will put together the outfit for you with one or two current wardrobe items, plus a few new items that we have purchased with your Personal Shopping session (or a suggestion for a future purchase that you can make on your own in future - if we are not doing a Personal Shopping session together). Clients find this process so helpful in that it encourages them to actually practice wearing their wardrobe in a new, stylish way. They love the fact that they have a new outfit laid out for them for each day of the month!

The Online Wardrobe Revamp can also be done in concurrence with an Online Shop, where I request the login details of specific online clothing stores (chosen by myself) and I literally fill your cart strategically as I complete your Wardrobe Revamp. I will, once I have completed the Online Wardrobe Revamp and Online Shopping, hand your shopping carts over to you, and you complete the checkout and purchase all your new items, sourced by me. Once the ordered items are received by you, you can start having fun practicing and trying out your new stylish outfit combinations.


inside an image consultants's work wardrobe

Did you know?...most women and men wear 20% of their clothes in their wardrobes 80% of the time?   Let me explain a bit better, you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but only 20% of it gets worn (over and over and over). 

Every women and man has +-350 items in their wardrobes at roughly R350 p/item.   That equals to R122,500 that we spend every 6-8 years on our wardrobes.

Think where you were 6-8 years ago.  Much has changed since then.  Children, we have aged, our bodies have changed, etc.   You don't still have the same items in your wardrobe from back then.  So, if you wear only 20% of that R122,500, that equals to R98,000 just waisted.

Seeing an Image Consultant will help you wear 100% of your clothes 100% of the time!